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Training manual on maize production


Women Who farm Africa seek to develop, improve and impact African women partaking in the agricultural sector. The mission of the organization is met through a series of insightful educational workshops. These workshops entail the entire cultivation of a short crop cycle. The organization has done one successful workshop of training 50 women in rural communities on plant- ing maize from sowing seeds to the final process of harvesting. Upon comple- tion of the workshop the women who successfully follow through with the workshop are awarded with an informative manual that entails the knowl- edge of planting that crop. The organization also seeks to create impact through storytelling, where it utilizes its online platforms to tell moving stories about women partaking in agricultural ventures. A single story has the power to inspire and encourage people and, in this case, African women who are building their farming initiatives, to practice agriculture and take the first step of starting a venture in the agricultural sector.

Land preparation

The Pfumvudza concept guarantees food security to households. The concepts utilizes

• A plot of land that measures 1/16 (39m*16m) • 1456 holes per plot
• 52 rows with 28 holes per row
• Each planting station/ hole will have 2 plants • Spacing 60*75cm.