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Soil Testing

by Holland Greentech,Zambia

This video entails a brief guideline on how to collect soil sample from a plot of land in order to run laboratory tests in order to determine the nutrients present in your soil.

A guideline to collect the soil sample from your plot/field of land.

  • Have a bucket or any other container you would use to collect the soil sample and a shovel.
  • Walk around in a zig-zag manner while digging around your plot to ensure that you are covering all the area.
  • Dig to a depth of 20 cm and walk for 5 meters in a zig-zag manner and then repeat the process until you have covered all the area.
  • After completing the activity mixing the soil content in the bucket thoroughly and pack at least 2-5 kilograms of soil in a plastic bag.
  • Carry your sample to the soil testing laboratory.

Results indicate the amount of N-P-K, Carbonic matter, pH, and cationic ions present in the soil sample.

These results help farmers understand their soil better and know what type of fertilizers to use with relation to the crops they desire to grow.

Soil testing is very important, because it aids a farmer with the   knowledge and indication of the additional nutrients the soil needs for a promising yield.