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Keys To Successful Maize Production Part 1

by Dr. John Basera

Improving maize production is a major drive to obtaining food security on the African continent.

The following are principles of good agronomic practices:

  • Start with well-conditioned soil (Ph 5.5- 6.5)

Ph is the measure of the alkalinity and acidity of the soil. There is an important relationship between the Ph and the nutrient (NPK) uptake efficiency. When the Ph is below 5.5 the soil tends to lock away the nutrients from the soils and the plants cannot take this nutrient, this results to poor crop yield. Liming the soil is one of the techniques to increase your Ph.

  • A well-prepared field.
  • Good seed variety

Aim for a seed variety with a higher yield potential and good defensive agronomic package in terms of harsh weather conditions and crop diseases.