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The Master Farmer Free Range Chicken Farming

by Holland Greentech,Zambia

Free range chicken farming Is a very profitable business. To build a sustainable free-range poultry farming business, it requires efficient knowledge, good management skills and a great business plan.

5 managements aspects of free-range chicken management process.

  • Breeding
  1. The Rhode Island Red chicken breed can be raised to produce both eggs and meat. They produce about 250 eggs per years.
  2. The Light Sussex, that’s also a dual-purpose breed for meat and egg production.
  3. White Leghorn are usually used as layer birds, las up to 300 eggs/year, with a minimum of 55g/eggs.
  4. Boschveld, found in Africa, can withstand various climatic conditions, and is also dual-purpose breed.

Site with good drainage systems, good ventilation, ensure there is a proper amount of light passing through. Have proper and sufficient feeding equipment and ensure that there is enough room for chicken to move around (0.1meters squares/chicken) and lay eggs. Free-range chicken need forage to also feed on.

  • Diseases

Free- range chicken must be fully vaccinated against all major diseases. For adaptability of the new environment add a stress pack in their drinking water. If there is a sudden outbreak of a specific disease, e.g.: Newcastle disease, vaccinate all hens immediately. In the case of lice, treat the hens carbon dust powder.

High managements standards would result to great production and increase profit of the business.

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